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Hello, this our first blog post as a company, so we would love to introduce ourselves and, well, say hello, which we did, so this is awkward. Anyways, I am Eric Larsen, the GM of Larsen Vending, and I am Doug Larsen’s son. Doug is the President/CEO, Owner and founder of the company, he is also old and sort of grumpy, but that’s another story for another day. Our Operations Manager is Dave Larsen, Doug’s brother and yes, my uncle (Not that nepotism is an issue in our company or anything!). Dave has become a wonderful force for getting the administration and daily operations of our company running very smoothly. Our Office Manager is Cathy Cloe, if you have ever called us for service or for information you have more than likely had Cathy on the other end of the phone. Our service department is headed by Guy White, also an uncle of mine, Guy is a “jack of all trades” type who not only heads our service department, but also does all the metal fabrication for our vending machine security enclosures.

If your property is in the East Valley, your Route Driver Is Daniel, Daniel has been with the company for closing in on a decade now and has a reputation for diligent professionalism with his customers. If you’re in the northeast parts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, your Driver is Jaime, Jaime is a quiet and very friendly guy who has also been with the company for years. If you are in the northwest parts of the valley (west Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise etc.) your driver is John. John is another veteran of the company who is a reserved and diligent driver, all though he can seem stern, a little time with him and you will know him as friendly and quick to laugh at even the worst jokes. If you are in the southwest valley, South Phoenix or Casa Grande, your Driver is Nick. Nick is a new driver, a young guy with an easy-going personality and a strong work ethic, almost kind of shy. If you are on the east side of the Tucson area, your driver is Darla. Darla is much beloved by her customers, mostly for her desire to not take herself to seriously, but always take customer concerns seriously. If you are on the west or south sides of Tucson or in Sierra Vista, your driver is Diana. Diana is a veteran of the company is also an Army veteran and a current National Guardswoman. Diana is one of those amazing people who is mom, full-time team member, and active military at the same time.

Our Service Techs are Rob and Vince. Rob is a recent transplant from Wyoming, who has fallen in love with our city and its obvious lack of snow. Vince is a seasoned service tech who has been with the company for a long time and has a reputation for being almost too thorough and dedicated to his work. Our warehouse team is composed of Tommy, Chino, and Amanda. Tommy has been in the vending industry for decades, and some of your may remember him as your lovable, punctual, and consistent New Yorker of a route driver. Chino has been with the company for coming on 2 years and we all love to joke that he is a ninja; mainly because he is so quiet and reserved you never know he is there. Joking aside, Chino is most definitely a professional who takes great pains to ensure his job is done with precision. Amanda is another family member, unfortunately for her, who has worked with the company in multiple capacities for a very long time now, and hopefully for years to come.

Least but not lastly, wait that isn’t right, last and leastly, no not right yet … Last but not least, there we go, is our micro market service team. Aaron, another of Doug’s sons, so yes he is my brother, and nephew to Dave and Guy, is our Micro Market Merchandising Supervisor. Aaron is the kind of guy that comes to be considered as one of the team to most of his customers. He will know more of the ins and outs of your team than you do, in a good way of course. Abel is the other half of our micro market merchandising team. Abel is timely and exudes professionalism in all of his duties. His customers regard him as a reliable advocate ensuring all of their needs are met. This about rounds out a brief introduction to our team. Thank you for reading this, and remember, we are the best Vending and Micro Market company in the state. Why, you ask? Because we say so, and so do our moms.

Warmest Welcomes to the Larsen Vending Family

Eric Larsen


Larsen Vending


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Hello, Gentlemen!! I just want to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart for everything including the great customer service at all times.



This company is amazing! Their customer service is unlike any other. Our technician always comes in smiling and checks in with us to see how things are going. The machines are always well stocked and/or maintained. We are more than happy to recommend them to anyone. 



Larsen Vending always gives great customer service. He is always smiling when he comes in the Laborgata office. We look forward to seeing him every month. We have worked with Larsen vending for over 6 plus years and have been truly satisfied.

-Danielle G.

Very happy with the service and machines that Larsen Vending supplies. The representative that comes by is absolutely amazing. He is so attentive, friendly and overall just a phenomenal personality. He really seals the deal for Larsen Vending. Their company is only as good as their employees and he sets the bar. I would highly recommend Larsen Vending, I've had them at 3 properties I've managed and honestly no complaints.

-Gina S.

IREM Phoenix
Arizona Multihousing Association



Eric Larsen - General Manager




5432 W. Missouri

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1002 S. Campbell
Tucson, AZ  85719