• Eric Larsen

A Wonderful Year ... Right?

This year has likely been, for all of us, wonderful and trying. From issues causing us to be disillusioned with our chosen political parties, to issues that have caused us to challenge foundations that we had always assumed, it seems the world has gone insane. Maybe your a republican that finds yourself wanting to bury your head in the sand, or maybe your a democrat who feels that martians have taken over your party. Or maybe your a young democrat who doesn't understand why the old guard doesn't want to rally behind your cause, or possibly your a republican who feels all the criticism of President Trump is unfair and that the media really is out to get him.

Regardless of who you are, you have been disillusioned by someone or thing that is foundational to your worldview. We live in a time when our differences are being used to create a meta narrative or, if you would rather, a worldview, that puts us in "Us vs. Them" Camps. How all of these issues and movements will, in the last analysis, benefit or hurt society is beyond the scope of this post--let alone that it is beyond this authors ability to fathom.

As a company we have had a similar year, we have had some wonderful successes, like being featured on the cover of #AutomaticMerchandiser (click here to view), as well as the addition of some wonderful staff and customers. We have also had some trying times, with the loss of a few long term, key employees. So in the spirit of community, and with loads of originality, here are some stories that are sure to make you smile or love humanity just a little more.

This video from sunnyskyz.com of this little boy getting his cat back should make just about everyone tear up


This video of a man saving a little boy dangling for his life will make your heart swell:


On a global scale, while there is still terrible poverty, the scales are tipping towards the end of people living in critical, absolute or extreme poverty. Here is an infographic from worldbank.org


In closing, of both this post and the year, Thank you to our customers, our staff and families for the support that allows us to do what we do! We hope that you have a great start to your year.

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